Constipation, especially in children can be a difficult problem to handle. Often, children don't want to eat their greens or vegetables, and many are such picky eaters that all they will eat are processed junk foods or refined carbohydrates. These foods eaten long enough will certainly cause constipation. Children, many times won't recognize that they are in pain from a full bowel, and will act out or "stim" to try to get out of the pain.

The mainstay treatment for constipation is laxative medication, usually either an osmotic laxative like MiraLax or Magnesium Citrate, or a stimulant based or irritant based laxative like ExLax or Senna. Sometimes, no matter the treatment, it seems that there is no way to keep you or your child regular. Often, this problem is neurological in origin.

The digestive tract is controlled by nerves that originate from